The site is under construction but should be done before the New Year!

Once we are up and active, don't forget to check in every day, to visit favorites who are sheltering with us and see the foster dogs waiting for adoption and the new found rescues.

Take a look at our pups who are ready for a loving home. Visit with some of the dogs who are new and not sure they can believe people will treat them kindly.

No more nights on the street with empty bellies. No more rocks hitting them to chase them away, No more ropes tied too tight holding them still in the hot sun all day. Gone are the ticks, the fleas, the sores, the infections, the pain and the hopelessness. But it takes a while to forget the fear. Once they understand the love they need is real, they are the best dogs in the world. Ask anyone who's ever adopted an Isla Dog or Cat.

Check in with the "unadoptable" older dogs or cats who came with viruses that make them unadoptable. Animals, who love the shelter, but wish that they could be adopted, too. Read some of our stories and think about becoming the companion to one of these amazing rescues!


Our Dog Gallery...

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New Articles

Look for articles about dogs and cats and other creatures we rescue. Let us know what you want to see us write about and we will cover your topics!


Dog's Food

This will be a section for recipes for making doggie treats, foods to add to your pups diet, foods to keep away from your fur baby.


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Training Tips

Yes, a dog trainer is part of our rescue and shelter. She loves leading agility training and exercise to give Isla dogs beach bodies.